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Sun Insulation has strong metallurgical core competencies and, with access to the exfoliated Perlite and Vermiculite products produced by Sun Silicates, offers both standard and speciality refractory products.

Sun Insulation recently appointed Dave Thomas, a refractory specialist, as technical manager. With many years of experience in the formulation and development of speciality refractory materials, he further strengthens the group’s technical team. The extensive laboratory facilities of the group allow Sun Insulation to develop, analyse, test and quality assure its products.

Some of the products that Sun Insulation will bring to market include:

  1. Perlite-based insulating castables
  2. Vermiculite-based insulating castables
  3. Basic monolithic castables
  4. Alumina-based monolithic castables
  5. Fire protection screeds
  6. Fire protection castables
  7. Fire protection gunning/shotcrete materials
  8. Insulating plasters
  9. Insulating screeds