SunPerl IF 45 003


Sun Silicates manufactures a full range of exfoliated perlite products. These includes filter media, cryogenic insulation, construction and hydroponic grade perlite.

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Sun Silicates Vermiculite Coarse grade


Vermiculite is used in the construction, agricultural, horticultural and industrial markets. At Sun Silicates, we exfoliate our vermiculite in our natural gas fired plant. This ensures a top quality and sterilised product.

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Matutu Mining


This versatile mineral is also better known as fullers earth, named after the man that found its use as a cat litter in 1893. Its excellent absorption capabilities keeps the cat boxes dry and smell free.

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Sun Silicates Potassium silicate

Soluble Silicates

SoluSil is a range of fertiliser products that are used in the agricultural industry.

Solusil is also used in the Welding Industry as a binder on stick electrodes, and in the Construction Industry as a densifier for concretes.

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