INMIM specialises in the design, manufacture and commissioning of fit-for-purpose, value-adding industrial equipment for small and medium sized companies.

The equipment is designed in house on 3-D software, enabling the customer to visually inspect, modify and customise the product before manufacturing commences.

INMIM’s metallurgical and mechanical engineers will evaluate and measure the process parameters in the customer’s plant before  the process design commences. This includes airflow, humidity, temperature, mass-flow and other parameters. Once the equipment is manufactured, INMIM will install and commission according to the customer’s specific requirements.

Please visit our gallery to see some of the equipment we have previously manufactured. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Rotary valves
  2. Bag houses
  3. Screw conveyors
  4. Impact crushers
  5. Ribbon blenders
  6. Product coolers
  7. Rotary kilns/driers
  8. Air cyclone separators
  9. Electrical control panels
  10. Coal stoker heating systems
  11. Exfoliators
  12. Slurry samplers
  13. Fluidised beds coolers
  14. Raw material feeders


Take a few minutes to browse through our gallery, and if you have any question or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us!