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Flexibility is part of our company’s dynamics

We focus on supplying high-tech products to, among others, the chemical, metallurgical, construction and agricultural sectors.

We are customer and performance focused and we assure you of quality products and excellent service at competitive pricing.

Sun Silicates, a dynamic team of engineers and chemical specialists

Our Main Product Categories are

SunPerl IF 45 003


Sun Silicates manufactures a full range of exfoliated perlite products. These includes filter media, cryogenic insulation, construction and hydroponic grade perlite.

Sun Silicates Vermiculite Coarse grade


Vermiculite is used in the construction, agricultural, horticultural and industrial markets. At Sun Silicates, we exfoliate our vermiculite in our natural gas fired plant. This ensures a top quality and sterilised product.

Potassium silicates blog image

Potassium Silicates

SoluSil is a range of fertiliser products that are used in the agricultural industry.

Solusil is also used in the Welding Industry as a binder on stick electrodes, and in the Construction Industry as a densifier for concretes.

Why we are in business

We are a customer-focused business owned by engineers with a passion for technology. We design and build our own equipment and, being owner-managed, can be price competitive in a high-tech environment. We have a vision of developing a large, multi-product facility using in-house, core technical competencies to ensure we remain commercially relevant.

Our passion is to design and optimise our products for our customers, to always provide added value and to provide superior performance at reasonable prices.

A little-known secret about our business is that we do not only produce products but also manufacture speciality equipment for the industry including reverse pulse dust filters, screw feeders, rotary valves, conveyor systems, impact crushers, fluidized bed coolers, continuous samplers and packaging machines.

Sun Silicates’ customer value proposition is to reduce the cost of ownership of our products by ensuring optimal results through careful management of the relationship of product cost to performance.

We value our customers and actively strive to meet their requirements by always being agile, proactive and flexible and enthusiastically pursuing win-win solutions.

Company Culture and Style

We have all the necessary policies and procedures in place and strive for to ensure that Sun Silicates is a safe and friendly working environment for our employees. Our strengths are characterised by our loyal employees, our strong technical ability and our unique ability to research and develop new products.


Sun Silicates group achievements include the following:

  • The group started with only 7 employees and has steadily grown to more than 50 employees across 5 companies.
  • Sun Silicates is only the second South African manufacturer of Potassium Silicate.
  • Sun Silicates is only the second South African manufacturer of Perlite filtration media.
  • SunPerl horticultural Perlite is the only South African product equivalent to imported products.
  • Sun Silicates is the only South African company to supply a complete range of Perlite and Vermiculite products.
  • Matutu Milling is the only South African company that supplies calcined Attapulgite for use in speciality absorbents in the agricultural and energy sector.
  • Sun Insulation is the only local company that manufactures and produces both Vermiculite- and Perlite-based insulation and refractory concretes.
  • Sun Silicates is an ISO 9001:2015 and Halaal certified producer.

Sun Silicates Logo

Sun Silicates (Pty) Ltd focuses on supplying high-tech consumable products to the chemical, metallurgical and agricultural industries. The company is customer and performance focused and we ensure our customers of quality products at competitive pricing.

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